Monday, November 29, 2010

127 Hours

Wow!  Totally mesmerizing.  James Franco is fantastic as Aron Ralston - the mountain climber who eventually cut off his own arm that was stuck between 2 boulders.  Needless to say, it's very intense.  The scene where he amputates his own arm was worse than I expected... it's pretty gruesome.  But at the same time, it was totally interesting to see what the human body is capable of when placed in dire circumstances.  I thought I'd get bored with watching him be stuck for 127 hours, but he starts having flashbacks of previous events that help you learn a little more about him that picked up the energy a bit.  I'd say, CHECK IT OUT (for sure) if you're at all interested in this story, like I was.  I love a good survival story!

Love and Other Drugs

We all know how much I love Jake Gyllenhall, and I really like Anne Hathaway too, so I've been looking forward to this movie for awhile.  And overall, it's just okay.  The love story is sweet sometimes, but the not-romantic parts of the movie were kind of a mess.  Like, they couldn't decide if the movie was a raunchy comedy, or a satire of the pharmaceutical drugs business, or a love story.  It's kind of all 3, but it bounces back and forth between each of those too often.  But overall, I liked the way it ended, and I enjoyed it enough to say it's worth watching.  Don't expect too much, and you'll probably like it.  So, it's BEARABLE.  (New middle of the road rating I just came up with.)

Due Date

Honestly - it was funnier than I expected it to be!  Zach Galifinakis is really funny (of course) and Robert Downey Jr. was not too bad himself!  He seems like such a dramatic actor that I was a little surprised he was so funny.  The movie reminds me alot of Planes, Trains and Automobiles - it has that same I-need-to-get-home-but-I'm-stuck-with-this-idiot feel.  So overall, it's totally worth watching (and good news - it doesn't get too raunchy)!  So CHECK IT OUT!

Morning Glory

Loved it!  It kind of looks like a romantic comedy, and in some ways it is, but it's mostly about Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford's characters forming a bond.  It was really pretty funny - I laughed out loud several times!  And the romance that forms with Patrick Wilson's character (love him!) is sweet and refreshingly real - without taking over the whole movie.  Added bonus - Rachel McAdams is so great she makes me wish I was her friend in real life :)  I would seriously watch any movie that she's in.  So overall, the movie was totally enjoyable - I'd CHECK IT OUT!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Let me preface this post with:  I'm not a huge fan of the Harry Potter movies.  I have read all the books, but I'm not one of those snobs that assumes the movie will be bad before I've even seen it.  What I don't like about the movies is that they're so rushed.  They have to fit SO MUCH stuff into 2 hours of film, and I feel like if I hadn't read the books I'd be totally lost.  That being said - it is usually pretty cool to see the books come to life on screen - and such is the case with this one.  The story drags a little bit sometimes, because this Part 1 is really just a big set up for Part 2 where they wrap everything up.  It totally feels like they leave you hanging at the end, because there's no big resolution or anything.  But, any Harry Potter fan will like it, I think.  They do a pretty good job of bringing the HP world to life.  So, CHECK IT OUT!

The Bucket List

I really enjoyed it!  I'm sure most people have already seen this one, but I'm just now getting around to seeing it.  Jack Nicholson was GREAT, and Morgan Freeman was pretty good too.  The story is sweet and interesting - and made me think about what I want to do before I die.  I would definitely CHECK IT OUT!

Robin Hood

Didn't really like it.  It's really different than the Robin Hood story we're all used to... in this one Robin comes home to return the ring to Maid Marion, who is the original ring owner's wife, then Robin pretends to be her husband so she doesn't lose her land.  Most of the time I was a little confused about what was going on - I got the general story, but I couldn't tell what some of the battle scenes were about.  I expected this to be better and it disappointed.  PASS.

Jackie's Top 5's - Comedy

To compile my list of Top 5 Comedies - I immedietely went to the movies that a) can make me laugh every time I watch them, and b) that I quote all the time with friends and family.  So (drum roll) here they are:

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective - it may be a little dumb to some people, but I seriously saw it for the first time when I was like 12, so it worked on me!  My favorite quote: 

"Ventura - when I get out of that bathroom, you'd better be gone!"
"Is it number one or number 2?...... I just wanna know how much time I have!"

The Big Lebowski - this is a recent one for me, I saw it for the first time when I was in high school and I hated it.  Then some persuasive friends told me to watch it a second time... and I loved it!  It's suuupper funny!  My favorite quote:

"Careful MAN - there's a beverage here!"

Dumb and Dumber - there are SO many classic quotes from this movie, it's hard for me to pick just one!  This movie works because Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels play dumb perfectly... they're either brilliant, or just that dumb in real life.  Favorite quote:

"We got no food, we got no jobs, our PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!"

Napoleon Dynamite - This one makes me giggle nonstop throughout the whole movie.  It gets funnier every time I see it!  I know some people don't like it - probably because it's a little odd.  But come on - it's hilarious!  Favorite quote:

"I like your sleeves.  They're real big."

Tommy Boy - RIP Chris Farley.  He was one of the funniest actors that ever lived.  Seriously - does it get any funnier than an over weight man in a suit jacket that's too small??  Favorite Quote:

"I swear I've seen a lot of stuff in my life, but that... was... AWESOME."

So - there you have them.  What's your favorite comedy of all time?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Temple Grandin

See.  This.  Movie.  Seriously!  It amazed me.  Claire Danes was totally PERFECT as Temple Grandin, the autistic woman who took the business of raising cattle by storm!  Her performance was so good, at times it was eerie because that's just not how you see Claire Danes in her other movies.  She actually won the Emmy for Outstanding Actress (because it was an HBO TV movie) and she deserved it 1 million percent.  The movie gives you a small glimpse into the mind of an autistic person, which was very interesting and informative to me.  Whether any of this interests you or not, you definitely need to CHECK IT OUT - it's that good!!


Totally enjoyable!!  It's not gonna change your life or anything, but it's entertaining and funny for a solid 2 hours.  I'm gonna keep this one short and sweet - CHECK IT OUT!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

This is part 1 of a Trilogy, based on Swedish author Stieg Larsson's "Millennium Trilogy." An American version of the first film is currently under production. So - how's the Swedish version? It's very good! But be warned: there are several very rough scenes that were difficult for me to watch - the entire series is about "men who hate women" (i.e. abusing them sexually) - so these films definitely aren't for everyone. However, it had a classic mystery feel that had you guessing up until the very end. Almost Hitchcock-esque. I have heard from an unnamed source who read the novels that the first movie is better than the book! So, if you've read the novels or any of this sounds interesting to you - CHECK IT OUT!

Mansfield Park

I'll admit it - I'm a sucker for these Jane Austen stories. I don't really consider myself a literary buff, but even I can see that her stuff is brilliant. This story is a little different than her other stories, and it's supposed to be her "most auto-biographical." But, it still had that great Jane Austen feel - romance, humor, fear, etc, so I really enjoyed it! To me, it seems the most under-stated story, the love story is not as far fetched as some of her other novels. I'd CHECK IT OUT if you're a Jane Austen fan like me!

True Grit (1969)

I watched this old classic in preparation for the new version that is coming out around Christmas this year (which looks GREAT). Despite the extremely old feel (made in the 1960's, about the late 1800's) it's really good! It's enjoyable and interesting enough that it held my attention, even though I'm not super into Westerns. I felt like I got a little lesson about the legend that is John Wayne. I'd say CHECK IT OUT if you've never seen it!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blue Valentine

I was really excited to see this movie - so much in fact, that I considered my 2010 Austin Film Festival experience a huge success if only I got to see this one movie. There has been some talk about it in the entertainment world recently, because it was given an NC-17 rating, which of course is BAD for the film, because regular movie theaters probably won't show it and nobody will get to see it. I was a little worried about just how NC-17 it was - but it wasn't as bad as I expected. There are a few sex scenes that push it a tad too far, which I think the whole rating was for.

So, how was the movie? It was excellent. Probably one of the best movies I've seen in the last 10 years. The performances by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are truly phenomenal.  They were so authentic as the once happy couple who is now trying to save their marriage.  It made me think of every divorced couple I know, including my own parents, and then made me think of the married couples I know and how sad it would be for them to go through this.  At times it is heart-wrenchingly sad.  I saw alot of teary women walking out of the theater at the end.  But at the same time - it is just so REAL, which always adds to the movie experience.  Because it's so sad, it's not for the faint of heart.  It sticks with you, and I was still thinking about it days after I saw it.  So overall, any film lover should definitely CHECK IT OUT.  It's haunting and powerful - I walked out totally in awe.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Austin Film Festival 2010!

So, I am currently attending the Austin Film Festival, which has been GREAT so far this year. I've already seen 4 films - 2 of them are so new they don't even have a trailer, 1 you may have heard of (Blue Valentine) and 1 was a special screening of a movie back from the 90's (12 Monkeys, and the director was there to talk about it afterward!). This is only my 2nd year to go, and I originally had some high hopes to see many more films than I did last year (which was 3). So far, after 4 days of the Festival, I've seen 4 films! And I still have 3 more days to go, so I'm definitely getting my $40 worth. It's nice to just show my film pass and walk in the theater without having to pay anything.

1.  "Exporting Raymond" - this documentary film kicked off the Festival with a hilarious start!  It's about the creator/writer of "Everybody Loves Raymond" Phil Rosenthal, who travels to Russia in order to make a Russian version of the show.  Mr. Rosenthal is just as awkward and funny as Raymond on the show, and it was endearing and hilarious the entire time.  I really hope this gets released to some big audiences, because it was great! 

2.  "Peep World" - about the rich and highly publicized Meyerwitz family, of which the youngest son writes a tell-all book about his family and calls it fiction, despite its authenticity.  Between the depressed and tired-of-being-in-charge oldest son (played by Dexter's Michael C. Hall, who is GREAT in everything he does), the bumbling idiot 2nd son who can't get anything in his life together for very long (played by Rainn Wilson, who also stars as everyone's favorite idiot Dwight K. Schrute on The Office), and the first and only daughter who is flaky and outspoken about everything (played by the hilarious Sarah Silverman) this movie was fantastic!  It really made me laugh and was even touching at times.  Again, I hope it gets a bigger release!

3.  "Blue Valentine" - which is so good it deserves it's own post... to be posted soon.

4.  "12 Monkeys" - presented by the Director David Peoples, originally released in 1995.  I'd never seen it before and thought it was GREAT!  Kept me guessing until the very end!

Case 39

I really like Renee Zellwegger, and we all know how much I love Bradley Cooper but... this movie is pretty bad. The little girl is pretty creepy sometimes, but there's only like 1 scary part. Also, it seemed to drag on and on. Pretty boring and overall not that scary. PASS.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Social Network

Actually really good! It was VERY interesting to see how Facebook came to be, especially since it's been and still is so relevant in general. I will give you one warning: It's ALL talk. The entire movie is dialogue, about how they made it, why the friends are mad at each other, why Mark Zuckerburg is being sued, why he wanted to create it in the first place, etc. It's seriously nothing but dialogue for a full 2 hours. This didn't ruin the movie for me, but I could see some people (especially youngsters) being bored with it. One thing I really liked was how the director didn't make the audience need a hero or an enemy. You kind of don't know who to root for, because everyone's sort of right and sort of wrong. Overall, I really liked it and would totally recommend it. So, CHECK IT OUT!


After seeing the trailer for this movie, I was DYING to see it. So much so, that I ended up going to see it by myself on a Saturday afternoon, after it was sold out on Friday night! I was very intrigued by all the movie critics who said "the last 40 minutes will blow you away." And in my opinion, it really did! The first half is all about how the relationships came to be, and how they have affected Nev's life. Then, it gets REALLY exciting when he travels to Michigan with his film-maker friends in tow to see this "Megan." I don't want to say anything else, because if you're going to see it, I don't want to ruin it. If you're not going to see it, ask me in person and I'll tell you how it ends! But overall, it was a great story about the online generation we live in today. Although the trailer makes it look a little scary, it's not scary at all - when they get to the barn is when all the revealing begins. Overall, the movie is interesting, exciting, sad, funny, and in the end a positive experience for all involved. I would definitely CHECK IT OUT!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Town

Actually pretty good! It's exciting, suspenseful, sad, and even humorous here and there. Ben Affleck not only stars he also directed it, and I LOVED the other movie he directed, Gone Baby Gone. Sometimes he tries to make the movie a little too Boston, but all the supporting characters were great and believable (even Blake Lively, star of Gossip Girl, which surprised me!). It also seemed a little predictable at times, and some side stories were added that didn't really need to be there. But overall, I did not guess the ending correctly, and was thoroughly entertained. I'd say CHECK IT OUT!

Dear John

I was expecting a major cheese-fest, and although some parts were cheesy, I really liked it! It's based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, and we all know how weepy and lovey-dovey his books can be (The Notebook, A Walk To Remember, Nights In Rodanthe). However, this one impressed me with how realistic it was. They fall in love when they're young, and over the years alot comes between them, causing them to grow in themselves and in their love for each other. I hadn't read the book, so I don't know how accurate the movie is. But, I couldn't predict how it was gonna end, and it even made me tear up (a little) a few times. It was much better than I expected, so CHECK IT OUT!

Date Night

This movie is unfortunetely not as good as it should have been. With 2 giant comedic stars (Tina Fey and Steve Carrell) it should have been hilarious! However, it's not. There are a few kinda funny parts, but the funny only comes from Tina and Steve, not the story. Overall, it tried too hard to be too many things - a mystery, a comedy, an action-fest, a drama about married couples - and it never really dedicated itself to any of these genres for very long. Sorry Tina and Steve, I'd say PASS.

When In Rome

I thought this one had alot of potential to either be really cute or really stupid. Unfortunetely, it leaned toward stupid. The story was cute at times, but it was mostly a jumbled mess. Kristen Bell is really cute and Josh Duhamel is maybe the most beautiful man on the planet, which helps you stick around to the end. But, just when you think it's wrapping up fairly normally, the story gets even more ridiculous! Overall, it's an avalanche of bad romantic comedy cliches, thrown together with 2 actors who could both do so much better. Unfortunetely, I'd say PASS.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Favorite Actors

There are many movies I've watched simply because of the actors in it.
One of these actors is James McAvoy. I know, you have probably never heard of him, but you may recognize him from a few popular movies. I first saw him in "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" as Mr. Tumnus - and ever since then I've been a fan. I don't know what it was about his portrayal of Mr. Tumnus, it just seemed so genuine. Ever since then, I've liked every movie I've seen him in (including The Last Station, Penelope - a movie no has heard of but everyone should see, and Atonement, by far my favorite movie of 2007.) I think he's a great actor who mostly flies under the radar, but picks great movies to act in.
Another of these actors is Amy Adams. She is also great at her craft, with a surprisingly wide range. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for Enchanted, and for an Academy Award for Doubt. She can do bubbly (Enchanted), sullen (Doubt), real (Julie and Julia and Sunshine Cleaning), silly (Night at the Museum 2 - she was the only shining star of an otherwise pretty dumb movie), funny (Talladega Nights)... she just always pleasantly surprises me with her acting abilities.
I say all this because - a) I wanted to mention some of their movies that are totally worth watching, and b) I just wanted to put this on the record in case they start winning a bunch of awards!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The American

This movie is weird. It's hard to rate it because it had good stuff, and really BAD stuff. The good stuff first: it's filmed beautifully. The majority of the movie is set in Italy, and the scenery is so pretty. Also, there's not alot of dialogue, you are left to infer a lot of things yourself (which I didn't really mind.) Now the bad stuff: the story is terrible! I don't think we need another "he's a hit man who wants out" movie, do you? They could have done so many other things with that story line, but the conclusion turns out exactly as you would suspect. The first 5 minutes were intriguing, but then he goes to Italy and nothing really happens for like an hour. Like I said, the minimal dialogue and beautiful scenery is different and cool, but not enough to carry over an hour of the movie. Overall - unless you want to watch it for the technicalities of how it was made, I'd say PASS.

Valentine's Day

I was expecting to find this movie "so-so", but I actually really liked it! I like stories like this about how a group of people's lives interact and affect each other. There are so many big stars - Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Shirley MacLaine, Jessica Alba, Bradley Cooper, Jamie Foxx, Ashton Kutcher... and almost all of them were endearing and genuine in their roles. The only one that annoyed me was Jessica Beal as the overly neurotic 30 something without a boyfriend. Some of the stories were a little predictable, but others surprised me in a good way. I really really liked it, so I would CHECK IT OUT for a good romantic comedy!

The Wolfman

I thought the trailer made this movie look really good and exciting... but it wasn't. It was boring, predictable, overly dramatic, and sloppy. The special effects were okay, but those scenes were few and far between. Plus, the costume for the Wolfman was ridiculous - it reminded me of a Halloween costume. Do yourself a favor and PASS on this one.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Switch

This movie is pretty much exactly what you expect from the trailer/all Romantic Comedies. Positivies: it's funny in parts, and the little boy is suuuuper adorable. Negatives: Jason Bateman was a little annoying, and Jennifer Aniston was a little too cliche. However, I wouldn't say I didn't like it (sorry for the double negative.) I didn't love it, and I didn't hate it. Overall it was pretty middle of the road, so if you're in the mood for a Romantic Comedy with not much substance, this will do!

She's Out Of My League

I'm not exactly sure why this was ever in my Netflix queue, but it was and I watched it last weekend. It's not gonna change your life or anything, but it had its moments. I definitely laughed more than once, and it has an overall theme that looks aren't everything. It's pretty raunchy at times, but that's to be expected. It's worth renting if you're up for a laugh, so CHECK IT OUT if you like silly comedies.

The Last Station

Beautiful movie! Christopher Plummer and Helen Mirren are both fantastic as the long-married Tolstoy's, James McAvoy (who I love!) is perfectly awkward and star-struck, and Paul Giamatti is creepy despite his good intentions (in a good way). As James McAvoy is hired to work for his idol, Lev Tolstoy (the writer of War and Peace and Anna Karenina) he is thrust into the struggle between Mrs. Tolstoy and Paul Giamatti as Mr. Tolstoy's friend who wants him to give the rights to his novels to Russia (instead of his family). Due to his celebrity in Russia, the "Tolstoians", followed Tolstoy's ideas and theologies passionately, and according to Wikipedia they were largely based on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. However, much like anything else, those followers had twisted his ideologies into a strict and rigid religion, which was the opposite of what he believed. This serves as a small side story about some Tolstoians truly being influenced by Tolstoy himself, and not his followers. I really enjoyed the movie overall, the love stories were really beautiful. There is a short love scene, but there is no violence or language. I'd say check it out if any of this sounds interesting to you. If not, pass. It's definitely not a super exciting movie, it's more of a thinker.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Single Man

The best thing about this movie was the style. Tom Ford directed it, and I believe he's a fashion designer or something - so the clothes and design are great. I really only watched it because Colin Firth was nominated for Best Actor for this movie last year. I'd say he was good, and as usual Julianne Moore was fabulous, but overall the story was sad and didn't leave me with any sort of resolution for the main character. I'd say PASS.

Alice In Wonderland

I actually got really bored with this movie. The special effects were cool, but other than that it was exactly what you would expect Alice In Wonderland through the eyes of Tim Burton to be - and nothing more. I even fast forwarded the big fight at the end because I was so over it. Alot of people seemed to enjoy it, but it just missed the mark for me. I'd say PASS.

Remember Me

Barf. This movie was so sad and depressing, and it tried SOO hard to be dramatic. I was hoping for a good ending, but even the ending tried way too hard to be impactful. I don't understand why so many good actors were in this movie, because the story was terrible. I'd definitely PASS.

The Kids Are Alright

This was not at all what I expected it to be. All the funny parts are in the trailer, and as you can see they're not even that funny. It's way more dramatic and serious than the trailer let on. There is a twist that sent things off on a crazy tangent that I didn't really like. Annette Bening and Julianne Moore are both extremely good actresses, so their performances were the best part of the movie. Overall, I just didn't really like the story - they said the F word so much that it annoyed me, and it seemed like the plot tried really hard to create conflict, that even for a movie seemed pretty messed up. I hate anything that tries too hard, so I'd say PASS.

The Other Guys

This movie was actually really funny. Will Ferrell was hilarious (as always), but the true surprise was how funny Mark Wahlberg was. I seriously laughed out loud alot. The story is pretty dumb, and a little hard to follow at times, but it totally doesn't matter. Just watching Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg interact is enough to carry the movie. I'd CHECK IT OUT!


I love practically everything that came out of the 60's, especially the music - so I was super excited to see this movie. I thought it was SUPER cute. It's a very simple story about the interactions between a boy and girl who have known each other practically their whole lives. She likes him, but he doesn't know what to think about her. The title is really fitting because it shows one situation entirely from her perspective, and then flips it to show the exact same situation from his perspective. I found the whole movie really sweet and honest. I would totally recommend it - so CHECK IT OUT! Aside from a few bad words, it's very family friendly.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I was worried that this movie wouldn't live up to the hype... but I think it did! The story and the special effects are mind blowing! On more than one occasion I audibly said "wow." After hearing so much about how the movie is so crazy, I was also worried that I would be totally confused and leave with a headache. I didn't really find that to be the case. They did a pretty good job keeping the viewer up with who's dream they were in. Negatives - the plot is sloppy and un-explained on several occasions, and I found Leo DiCaprio and Ellen Page annoying. But all that aside, I really enjoyed the movie overall and am glad I saw it. So CHECK IT OUT!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Charlie St. Cloud

This movie was WAY better than I was expecting! I thought the story was great - it was sweet but sad, but even a little funny at times. There was actually a plot twist that totally shocked me, and that doesn't happen often. Zac Efron really, really impressed me. His character is really a depressed mess after the accident with his brother, and he really pulled it off well. I think it's safe to say he officially has more acting chops than necessary for "High School Musical." Also, I saw this movie with my Dad and Step-mom, and they both enjoyed it as well. I worried that it would be too much of a chick-flick for Dad, but he said he liked it! Overall, I loved it and I think everyone should CHECK IT OUT.

Dinner for Schmucks

So, there's a few funny parts that made me giggle, but they were pretty few and far between. The story line was bloated with girlfriend issues, job issues, and friend issues so it seemed like they tried to fit way too much into one movie. But, overall, it wasn't terrible - just okay. The positives: like I said before, I laughed a few times, and I wasn't dying for it to be over - Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell are funny enough to watch even with a bad story. It won't change your life or anything, but you might CHECK IT OUT for a silly 2 hours. If you're not into silly, then pass.

Monday, July 26, 2010


This movie was much better than I was expecting! It has a few cheesy moments, and at times the back story got confusing, but it was very exciting. The whole time you go back and forth between "Is she good? Is she bad? Wait, now I think she's good again!" One of the bad guys however, I had pegged as soon as he appeared. But that didn't ruin anything - I was still VERY curious about how he tied into it all, and how the movie would end. I'd say CHECK IT OUT for a very suspenseful and entertaining 2 hours!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Am I a movie critic?

I don't really think of myself as a movie critic. I just think of myself as a person who loves movies and has seen a million of them. I don't sit there and scrutinize every single detail about how the movie was directed, filmed, acted, edited, etc. Overall, there are probably only 5 things that make me decide if I liked a movie or not:

1. Was I invested in the story? Did I wonder how it would end? (for example, Coco Before Chanel got a NO)
2. Did I feel anything for the characters? Did I like, love, hate, sympathize, get annoyed, etc with them? (for example: 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days got a YES)
3. Was the plot sloppy, boring, or cheesy? (for example, Amelia got a YES)
4. Did I like the acting? Whether it was good or not, did I like how the actors handled their characters? (for example: Avatar got a NO)
5. Was I wondering when it was gonna end? (for example: Inglorious Basterds got a NO!)

I always get a little embarrassed when my friends tell others about my movie blog, because I know I'm no expert. I have an obviously very basic scoring system for how I rate movies. But, because I'm no expert, I feel like my opinion can help someone decide whether or not a movie is worth their time. I don't really know why I feel the need to post about this whole topic, but I just want to make sure we're (meaning me and the 4 people who read my blog) on the same page. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Road

This movie is not easy to watch. There are so many parts that are SOOO so sad, and as the movie progresses, it just seems to get worse. However, the film is beautiful. I really felt the father's struggle to provide for his child, and my heart hurt for his son who's childhood is ruined. There really aren't many movies that will make you empathize with the characters the way this one does. The film is based on Cormac McCarthy's novel, which won the Pulitzer for Fiction in 2006 (wow). Overall, any film lover like me will appreciate how it was made, so I will say it gets a CHECK IT OUT, but be warned - it's a rough one.

Toy Story 3

This 3rd installment of the Toy Story franchise is very entertaining, just like the first 2. It's enjoyable, sweet, funny and sad at times. However, how many times can they do this same Andy-is-leaving-the-toys-behind story? Because of this I found the plot a little boring, but at the same time, the movie is cute and fun to watch. It's definitely worth watching if you liked the first 2, so CHECK IT OUT - but be aware of the similar plot lines. *Note to Pixar* - try something new next time!

Grown Ups

This movie is actually not too bad! It's very hokey and cheesy on more than one occasion, but it's funny too! Kelsey and I definitely laughed out loud more than once. Plus, underneath all the funny stuff and cheesi-ness, there is a sweet story about dads who want to spend more time with their families. Overall, it definitely won't change your life, but it's worth a watch. CHECK IT OUT!


Okay, the bottom line with all of these Twilight movies is: if you like the series as a whole, you'll probably like the movies. Like most novels-turned-into-films, they are rushed and overly-dramatic. But the drama is a big part of the series (it is, after all, "young adult fiction"), so it doesn't bother me too much. I liked it enough to see it a second time while on vacay... so I guess you could say I liked it. I'm not a Twi-hard (or whatever they're called) but I have read the books and enjoy the story (for the most part... Book 1 and Book 4 are the only exciting ones. Books 2 and 3 were just... okay.) Overall, if this is your first Twilight movie to see, I'd pass. If not, it's full of shirtless Jacob and protective Edward fighting over Bella - which is exactly what all of us want to see!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Raging Bull at The Paramount

This movie is #24 on AFI's Top 100, and now I understand why. Martin Scorcese directing and Robert DeNiro (who's never been better, I'd say) starring are an un-stoppable combination, and this entire movie proves it. It's gritty and raw, but it's also funny, exciting, and sad. I loved every minute of it. I found so many parts of it to be absolutely awesome - the camera angles, the conversations, the relationships, the unnecessary black-and-white, the emphasis on various items or scenes that another director would have overlooked etc. This is a must-see for any film lover like me. Even if you're not a film-lover, I think it would be interesting to watch. So please, CHECK IT OUT!

I saw this at The Paramount, and it is now my favorite movie theater. Walking in felt like I was IN a movie - because it looks like this (minus the drum set.) It's elegant and ornate and has BOX SEATS, but at the same time, most people around me were sipping a beer they got from the mini-bar in the foyer. The entrance and hallways are just as beautiful. I can't wait to go back! Thank you Austin, for holding this little gem deep in the heart of downtown, deep in the heart of TEXAS!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crazy Heart

This is a beautiful story with beautiful acting, but the movie overall leaned toward boring for me. Jeff Bridges is great, and the scenery is gorgeous as only Texas/the South can be. However, the movie kind of drags in some parts. It felt like the first 90% of the movie was repeating itself, and then the last 10% goes out with a bang. It's worth checking out for an excellent performance from Jeff Bridges (and Maggie Gyllenhaal), but be prepared for a sad story that seems repetitive.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The A-Team

I know this may not sound like a movie that I would see on it's opening weekend, but I was swayed by one major factor: Bradley Cooper - he is The Hotness. So, I went into it expecting some action and some hot Bradley Cooper. And, it's filled with both! The action is C R A Z Y - at one point, they're seriously navigating a tank that's falling from the sky. It stays exciting the whole movie, but the plot is choppy and confusing, and most lines are ultra cheesy. It manages to stay funny (I definitely laughed out loud) and exciting though, so it's worth a look-see for viewers who enjoy some good action... or some good Bradley Cooper.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Prince of Persia

Okay. Let me just preface this whole post with: Jake Gyllenhaal is one of my biggest celebrity crushes, and I'm sure this crush swayed my feelings toward the positive for this movie. However, I kept that in mind, and tried to look at it from a general perspective.... and I found it an entertaining cross between "The Mummy" and "Pirates of the Caribbean." It's funny and has alot of action, the action starts from pretty much the first scene and never lets up much. But if I can be completely honest (and this is MY blog, why shouldn't I be?) I would have watched JG read the phone book for 2 hours if they sold tickets for that. Throw in lots of muscles, kicking butt, and saving-the-world, etc and I'm a goner. I'll admit that it would be hard for me to give JG anything but a good grade, but luckily it's not necessary to lie. This movie is entertaining enough to hold it's own for pretty much anyone (Dads, kids, etc), and eye-candy enough for the ladies to enjoy as well. I'd say CHECK IT OUT!

Get Him to the Greek

I don't have alot to say about this movie, it's just pretty BLAH. The few funny parts are in the trailer, and the movie bounces back and forth between silly and serious ridiculously often. Their attempts at serious felt awkward and forced, and the funny stuff wasn't really THAT funny. I'd say PASS.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


This movie is... strange. It has great actors and some great musical scenes, but the in-between stuff is really sloppy. All the women were great, but I was disappointed in Daniel Day-Lewis. He just didn't seem to fit the part for me. Although, it was all of his parts that were the sloppy bridges between musical numbers, and maybe that's why he was so disappointing. Overall, the movie is chaotic, over-indulgent, and confusing. I'm usually a big fan of any musical, but this one missed the mark. I'd say PASS.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sex and the City 2

Even though I've been hearing some terrible reviews, I went into the movie with an open mind, and.... I liked it! It's a lot like the first movie (a little over-dramatic, and a little cheesy) but still enjoyable. I think anyone who is a fan of the show and first movie wouldn't be disappointed. I think most of the bad reviews must be coming from MEN, because I could see how men wouldn't really get the big deal. I enjoyed spending some time with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha, and the ever important major character #5: the FASHION. The beautiful clothes, shoes and bags were always being shown off, as per the usual with the show. There are a few slow parts, and a few super-ridiculous parts, but to me, it's not that bad. I'd say if you have spent any time with these characters before, CHECK IT OUT.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Simple and sweet story. The main theme of the story is how loving someone can really change you (and maybe them as well.) I am a true believer that LOVE is powerful (not just romantic love, but all kinds) and this movie is a great example of that. It didn't really end up the way I expected, but the ending was good in it's own way. I'd say CHECK IT OUT for a cute love story.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Dumb... but funny! It's exactly what you expect from the trailer: really stupid, predictable in a funny way, and total nonsense. But I definitely laughed! Not all the funny parts are in the trailer, so you do have a few to look forward to. It won't change your life or anything, but it's worth watching. So I'd say CHECK IT OUT for a ridiculous and funny 88 minutes.

Old Dogs

Cute and silly family movie! It is just as silly as the trailer makes it look, but it is funny and sweet in parts. It won't change your life or anything, but it's cute. I'd say CHECK IT OUT for a good family movie.

The Young Victoria

Awesome - well made and well acted. Queen Victoria was quite an amazing woman, and to see how it all got started was pretty fascinating. The love story between her and Prince Albert is very sweet, they were a true love match, which was rare for a woman in her situation back then. I would definitely CHECK IT OUT - I loved it!

Coco Before Chanel

Netflix called this a "lively biopic," which I didn't really find accurate. Lively is not the word to describe a total snooze-fest. I was expecting to have a deeper respect for Coco Chanel and her fashion, but instead, I found her representation in this film cold, annoying, and totally un-interesting. Totally boring. I'd say PASS.

There Will Be Blood

This movie was very well made... but pretty boring. A movie about the pursuit of oil didn't sound too interesting to me to begin with, but it was up for so many awards a few years ago that it was on my must see list. It was boring. And it didn't change my life or anything, I just kinda shrugged and thought "Um... okay" when it was over. Haven't thought about it since. And that's that. I'd say PASS.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Man 2

Okay, this sequel is not as good as the first one. However, the original Iron Man was GREAT, so it had some big shoes to fill. Still, this one is worth watching! Lots of cool action scenes, lots of funny Tony Stark, and lots of cool technology. I'd say CHECK IT OUT! Go into it with an open mind, not expecting it to be just like the first one, and you won't be disappointed.

PS - I saw this movie at the Tinseltown in Pflugerville, that has the new XD Theater! It had a HUGE floor-to-ceiling HD screen, and plush seats. It was only a few dollars more for the ticket, which was totally worth it for an action movie such as this.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

I feel like I should preface this with the fact that I've never seen the old version of this movie. However, I doubt it's really necessary. For this one, it's nothing more than what you would totally expect: love-sick teenagers, scary Freddy Kreuger, unexplained plot details (exactly HOW does he torment them only in their dreams???), secrets from years past, lots of BOO! moments, etc, etc. It was pretty much a cheese-fest, but if you're into these Horror/Cheesy movies, this is right up your alley. Otherwise, I'd say PASS.

2 Old Must-see's - "JFK" and "Wall Street"


This movie is really interesting for anyone interested in this story (and really, who isn't?!) It moves really fast, so fast that sometimes I was confused about what was going on. But the overall message is informative and thought-provoking. I did take most of it with a grain of salt, but alot of it is based on solid facts that made me question the entire thing as well. I'd say - CHECK IT OUT!

"Wall Street"

I've heard alot about this movie, and it didn't disappoint. It's totally 80's, but it was still obviously ahead of it's time a little bit. The story was good, and can still resonate today with all of the economic trouble America has been in lately. There is a sequel to this movie coming out sometime soon, and I will definitely see it. I'd say CHECK IT OUT, it's one of those 80's movies everyone needs to see. (Coincidentally, both of these movies are directed by Oliver Stone, he makes good movies!!!)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


GREAT family movie! This is the sweetest movie I've seen in a long time. It's such a sweet story, I just wanted to love on my dog Princess the entire time we watched it together. This is definitely a must see for any dog lover... it's NOT your typical dog movie consisting of "the family gets a dog and he lives a long life and then dies" story. It's actually quite the opposite, in a way. CHECK IT OUT for a simple story that will make you love your dog even more.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kick A$$

Loved it! It totally lived up to it's name for me, it was awesome! It's really funny and the fighting is so COOL! There is an actual story behind all of the super-hero stuff, and I was really curious how everything would end up. I thought Nicolas Cage would annoy me as "Big Daddy", but it didn't bother me much (seriously, what was the last good movie he made?!) The rest of the characters were played by mostly unknown actors, and they were all great. Overall, I would definitely CHECK IT OUT, for a thoroughly enjoyable 2 hours!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Death at a Funeral

(Ear muffs for the trailer!)

Hilarious! I really enjoyed this movie and laughed ALOT! Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence and Tracy Morgan are all great (although Rock and Lawrence didn't really have alot of comedic parts) but the show stealer was James Marsden (of Enchanted, Hairspray, and The Notebook fame - LOVE HIM!) He plays the boyfriend who accidentally takes the hallucinogenic - and hilarity ensues. I would seriously see this movie again for his scenes alone. The language is VERY rated R - but if you can handle that, this is a must see. I would definitely CHECK IT OUT!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine

This movie is exactly what you expect it to be: stupid, silly, raunchy, and funny. It's not the funniest movie I've ever seen, but I definitely laughed out loud. The story gets going quickly and never really slows down, which is good considering the premise is so ridiculous. They never dwelled on anything too long to make the viewer think "Wait, what?" It's an entertaining (and gross) hour and a half, so I'd say CHECK IT OUT if you're into that kind of thing. It's not gonna change your life or anything, but you will laugh.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Time Traveler's Wife

I was pleasantly surprised with this one (despite my theory that almost ZERO novels translate to film well). It was a sweet love story that moved quickly, never really dwelling on anything for too long. Rachel McAdams was so beautiful and fresh as the title character, and Eric Bana was okaaaaaay as the husband with a "genetic anomaly." Some of the time-traveling stuff got a little old, like the always having to find clothes thing, but in the end it was another endearing facet to the love story. I'd say CHECK IT OUT - it's sweet and romantic... I even teared up a little at the end.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Indonesia trip movies!

So, on the long flights to and from LA/Hong Kong, we got a fully interactive TV with a remote, and there were alot of movies to choose from, including several I'd already seen (New Moon, Inglorious Basterds - still my favorite movie of 2009!, and An Education - seriously, SO good). Along with those 3, I also watched

The Invention of Lying

I had high hopes for this one - Ricky Gervais is oh so funny and I really like Jennifer Garner... but it's pretty terrible. It starts off cute and funny but about halfway through takes a random turn to where Ricky Gervais is coming up with a description of God and heaven and then announcing it to the whole world. It only got more ridiculous as it progressed. I'd say PASS.

The Informant!

I enjoyed this one, although it's a little slow. Matt Damon is REALLY good as the bumbling, overweight nerd who's trying to take his company down. It's worth watching for his performance alone. It dragged a little in parts, but was quirky and funny enough to keep me interested. I'd say CHECK IT OUT.

Brief Interviews With Hideous Men

Good first-time director effort from one of my biggest celebrity crushes - John Krasinski (Jim from "The Office"). This isn't your typical movie, it's based on a David Foster Wallace short story, or maybe a whole book (I'm not sure) about relationships between men and women. It left me curious at the end and made me think about the issues it dealt with. I'd say it's VERY artsy-fartsy, it's alot of dialogue (most of which is someone talking to a camera) but I found it interesting and humorous. I'd say CHECK IT OUT for some thought-provoking issues.

Monday, March 8, 2010

4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days

FYI - I watch even more movies than I post on here. Mostly because the people who I KNOW follow my blog would NEVER watch some of the artsy movies I spend my time watching. However, I have been told by some that although they're not technically a "follower," they read my blog and want to know what I thought of these artsy films. So, to start off with the artsy films, is 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, a movie you've probably never heard of. I heard of it from Metacritic, it's on their list of the All Time High Scores.

This is definitely one of the most fascinating, gripping and REAL movies I've ever seen. The entire movie is from the perspective of Otilia, who's roommate wants to have an abortion in Communist Romania. Being caught would mean life in prison. The movie is shot entirely from Otilia's perspective, when she's walking down the street, you only see the back of her head in front of you. Getting a glimpse into this day, the most awful day of her entire life, is terrible and sad and makes you feel like an intruder. You feel all of her pain, all of her frustration, and all of her fear about what might happen at any second. This is not a movie the average watcher would enjoy, because it is so sad. But despite that, it is filmed so brilliantly that I appreciated it for what an amazing work of art it was. If you're a film lover like me, check it out for sure. Otherwise, I wouldn't go there.

The Last of the Mohicans

Beautiful movie. Beautiful story, beautiful scenery, and beautiful Daniel Day-Lewis! I like to see period pieces like this (taken as a glamorized, probably SLIGHTLY accurate portrayal) for a little history lesson. To see the British and French fighting over the American colonies, and the Native Americans fighting with and against them for control of the land was pretty interesting. The "I will find you" part was so sweet and worth watching the movie alone. Luckily, you don't need one good part to make it worth watching, because it's awesome overall. Even though this is an oldie - if you haven't seen it, I'd say CHECK IT OUT!

Gran Torino

I am of the opinion that Clint Eastwood the actor is a major cheeze-fest. His voice, his scowls... the whole package just makes me want to gag. However, Clint Eastwood the director is brilliant. His movies are always good and thought-provoking. Such is the case with Gran Torino. It is a beautiful story (although the beginning reminded me of "Up") with alot of heart. I definitely enjoyed it and would recommend it. If you haven't seen it, it's worth a watch so CHECK IT OUT!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Predictions!

Right now - it is Sunday afternoon around 1 pm... And I had to post about my Oscar predictions before the show starts!

My pick to win: Inglorious Basterds (definitely my favorite movie this year)
What will win: I'm torn - I think Up In The Air or Precious. It just better not be Avatar. Seriously.

My pick to win: Sandra Bullock
Who will win: Meryl Streep

My pick to win: Christoph Waltz
Who will win: Christoph Waltz

My pick to win: Monique
Who will win: Monique

Any other categories I either haven't seen the movie or is too technical for me. I'm excited to see what happens tonight!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shutter Island

It's kind of hard to give a review of this one because there's a surprise at the end! For those of you who haven't seen it - I'd say CHECK IT OUT! It's good overall (although it's maybe a little over-done in places) and it's thought-provoking all the way through. I will leave it at that! Now don't read past this line if you don't want to know some details of about how it ended!

Wow, I am thinking about this movie long after I saw it because of that ending. The one thing that really bothered me while watching it was Leonardo DiCaprio's over-acting, but after that ending I think his acting was pretty brilliant. Wouldn't a person like him be overly dramatic about everything? I really liked that for almost all of the movie, you thought it was about something else. Although this was set like 50 years ago, these mental illness issues are so relevant and I'm sure are dealt with to this day.

Taking Woodstock

This is one of those Netflix movies that I had at home for a long time because I always had a better one to watch before it. But this movie surprised me! It was funny and endearing and quirky. I laughed out loud several times! I was expecting to be bombarded with "hippie" stuff during this movie, but I didn't get that feeling after watching it. The hippie stuff was handled fairly comically, so it turned out funny-ridiculous, not annoying-ridiculous. Because of all the hippie stuff, there was male and female nudity, drugs, and some homosexuality. The nudity was kind of funny (the uptight locals yelling at them "cover yourselves!"), the drug stuff was fairly minimal, and the sexual stuff was never really pushed too far (meaning: they didn't show you much, it was just implied.) Overall, I was happy that the movie never really pushed a huge agenda (the way Woodstock itself did), it was really just the story of how Woodstock came to be. I wouldn't recommend this for everyone (because of all the VERY Rated R stuff), but if you can handle all of that, I'd say CHECK IT OUT!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Iron Man
(for some reason, Youtube's not letting me embed these days. I'm not sure why. The link is the next best thing)

As mentioned in my review for Avatar, I usually don't jump at the chance to watch the big-budget action movies. I'd say I'm slightly more excited concerning the super-hero ones, because their stories have a childlike-wonder and probably a little romance. With this one, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was! I really, really enjoyed this movie - the story is good, the acting is good, and the super-hero stuff isn't so far-fetched that it's ridiculous. Robert Downey, Jr. is funny and charming as Tony Stark, and the "super-hero" he creates is cool because he just uses technology to transform himself. I was surprised that the story wasn't just about how he creates Iron Man, it was more about why he thought Iron Man was necessary. A few parts were a little obvious, like who the bad guy was and Tony Stark's deep affection for his devoted assistant/love interest. Still - this movie is great. I'm now excited to see the sequel! I hope it doesn't fall super short of the first one as most sequels do. Overall, I'd say CHECK IT OUT, if you haven't already - it's awesome!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Lovely Bones

I have a theory that practically ZERO books translate to film well. Whenever I watch a movie based on a novel, it always feels rushed. There are just so many side stories in novels that won't all fit into a 2 hour film, and that bothers me. Such is the case with this one. It felt rushed, it felt pushy, and it felt over-the-top at times. The story is heart-wrenchingly sad, and I don't think the movie really did it justice. Suzie Salmon is murdered at 14, and the movie is mostly about how her family copes with their loss. Stanley Tucci as the murderer is very creepy, he made me uneasy the entire movie. I was worried that the scene where he murders her would be too hard to watch, but they didn't really go into details about how he did it and that helped. That was among the many things that were never explained. Overall I just didn't get this one. I bet it was a fantastic book, and now I wish I had read it before seeing this. Overall, I'd say PASS.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Despite the title - this is NOT a scary movie. Yes, it's about "Zombieland" - which is America taken over by zombies. Not everyone is a zombie though, and this story is narrated by one of the few remaining humans. He's anxious and neurotic, and has all these rules about how to not be bitten by a zombie, including #1 Cardio - so he has the endurance to run from them, and #23 Double Tap - if you shoot a zombie, never shoot them only once, you have to get them twice for good measure. Along the way he runs into some other humans, and they travel across country looking for somewhere with no zombies, killing zombies, and arguing with each other. I really enjoyed every minute of this movie, and it was refreshing to not have any idea how the story would end. It is gory in parts, but it's in a mostly comical way. I'd say CHECK IT OUT for an entertaining hour and a half!

An Education

Woo hoo - a Best Picture Nominee!! After seeing this I have seen 8 of the 10 nominees.

This is a beautiful story. A 16 year old girl in 1960's England, bored with her mundane life, happens to meet a slightly older man who introduces her to all the fabulous things she's always dreamed about: seeing French films, listening to Jazz, wearing fancy clothes, going to art exhibits, etc. Her father is very strict and she has spent most of her life studying to get into Oxford, so this guy is a breath of fresh air for her. While experiencing this new life, you start to see her "mature" before your very eyes. Her parents are impressed and charmed by him, which only seals the deal further. Soon, an intimate physical relationship starts, and before she knows it she's in over her head. Does she marry him, or go to Oxford as was originally planned? Maybe she doesn't need to go to Oxford anymore because she already has a potential husband. But then what was all the studying for? I thought about these issues even the day after seeing this movie. "An Education" is such a fitting title, because she ends up with an education in school, in life, in love, and in herself. I'd say CHECK IT OUT, it's a beautiful story.


I didn't really like this film. It kind of missed the mark for me, mostly because of timing. They kind of switched back and forth between the present and the past, which was confusing. There was no real way to tell where you were in her story. If they had had a more "in-order" plot, I think it would have been alot better. Another thing that bothered me - the preview made it look like Amelia and her husband had this great love story (which they sort of did), but then half the movie is about her falling in love with another man! I wouldn't have minded them putting that in the movie so much if they hadn't tried to make her and her husband's relationship so legendary. I expected that after I watched it, I would have some connection to Amelia Earhart and understand why she was so beloved by America at the time. In actuality, I just felt like I'd watched a pretty bad movie. I'd say PASS.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Best/Worst Movies of 2009?

The Razzie and Oscar nominations were both revealed today, and I really couldn't agree more on about 99% of them.


Worst Picture:
All About Steve
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Land of the Lost
Old Dogs
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Worst Actor:
Jonas Brothers, Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience
Will Ferrell, Land of the Lost
Steve Martin, Pink Panther 2
Eddie Murphy, Imagine That
John Travolta, Old Dogs

Worst Actress:
Beyoncé, Obsessed
Sandra Bullock, All About Steve
Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana: The Movie
Megan Fox, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Jennifer’s Body
Sarah Jessica Parker, Did You Hear About the Morgans?

Most of these I have not seen, because they were obviously terrible (seriously, did we need a GI Joe movie?!?) but regarding the ones I have seen.... they're dead on. As mentioned here, All About Steve is pretty awful. Around the same time I watched All About Steve I also started to watch "Land of the Lost" and it was so terrible I didn't even finish it. There aren't many movies that hold that honor for me. I can usually stick with something til the end, but not this one!!


Best Picture:
The Blind Side
District 9
An Education
The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds
A Serious Man
Up in the Air

Best Actor/Actress:
Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart
George Clooney, Up in the Air
Colin Firth, A Single Man
Morgan Freeman, Invictus
Jeremy Renner, The Hurt Locker

Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side
Helen Mirren, The Last Station
Carey Mulligan, An Education
Gabourey Sidibe, Precious
Meryl Streep, Julie & Julia

I have seen most of the Best Picture nominees (always a goal for me) and for the ones I've seen I agree EXCEPT for Avatar. I have been told I gave a mixed review about it, which I completely agree with, because I left the theater with mixed feelings. The special effects were cool. But the rest was terrible! I'd give it a 5 out of 10 because the good was really good, but the bad was really bad. This is not a Best Picture movie to me, and I might scream at the TV if it wins (which I doubt it will.)

The rest of the nominations are pretty dead on - see my posts about The Blind Side , The Hurt Locker, Inglorious Basterds, Precious, and Up In The Air to see just exactly what I thought.

So to achieve my goal I still need to see: District 9, An Education, A Serious Man, Crazy Heart, A Single Man, Invictus, and The Last Station. Stay tuned for my thoughts on those!