Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Hangover 2

I went into this thinking - "Don't expect it to be as funny as the first one, and even if it's terrible, I get to watch Bradley Cooper for the next 2 hours which is worth $10 anyway."  So... I was pleasantly surprised at how funny it was!  It is seriously hilarious (but gross) on more than one occasion.  It is very similar to the first one, obviously, but it was different enough that I didn't feel like it was a duplicate.  It has the same premise, but it has even crazier adventures than the first... I can guarantee you won't be able to predict any of the chaos they get themselves into!  It is very raunchy, but as always, if you can handle that, I don't think you'll be disappointed.  So CHECK IT OUT!  And ohh emm gee, Bradley Cooper is so hot.


Totally hilarious!  I was excited to see a funny movie entirely from a woman's perspective, and this one did not disappoint.  I'm not gonna lie, it's VERY raunchy at times.  Lots of sex scenes that are awkwardly awful (but funny) and lots of bad language, so it's definitely not family friendly.  But if you can handle all of that - it is legitimately funny.  And it does have some sweet moments between friends that are really touching, so it's not all bad.  But overall, it's really funny if you like these kind of movies - so CHECK IT OUT!

Something Borrowed

Totally cute!  It's a fun romantic comedy that I really enjoyed.  The premise seems a little trashy - the maid of honor and groom start a relationship during the wedding plans???  But really, it's a sweet love story about 2 people who have always wanted to be together despite circumstance.  I also enjoyed the friendship between the maid of honor and bride - female friendships like theirs happen in real life more often that you might think.  John Krasinski is totally adorable (of course) and funny as the voice of reason for the maid of honor, the guy who plays the groom is oh so dreamy in a Tom-Cruise-from-Top-Gun kinda way, Kate Hudson as the bride is perfectly arrogant and full of herself, and Ginnifer Goodwin is super cute as the girl every woman can relate to.  Overall, it was really cute and funny, with only a few R-rated words and conversations.  I think any girl would enjoy this one - so CHECK IT OUT!