Tuesday, November 24, 2009

GREAT family movie - "The Blind Side"

Oh my goodness, this movie is so good. The whole story is beautiful and amazing. Sandra Bullock is AMAZING as the Southern mom with sass and spunk. I don't want to say too much though - because I truly want everyone to see it! I'd say you could take kids to it, there's next to no bad language, and they never delve too deep into Michael Oher's past. The movie is more about him moving forward. Bottom line - this is a feel-good movie that everyone should see! It will make you laugh, and it might make you cry. But you will walk out of the theater with a smile on your face. :)

Didn't Disappoint - "New Moon"

I am in the process of reading the whole saga (I'm currently in the middle of book 3) so it wasn't too long ago that I read the "New Moon" book. I must say, this movie is a pretty accurate portrayal of it. Of course some things were rushed or skipped over all together, but that's to be expected. The werewolf stuff was really cool! And Taylor Lautner pulled off the character of Jacob quite well, I thought. The challenge in this movie was definitely the fact that Edward is gone for like 80% of it. I had heard the director say that Bella would "see" Edward in the movie more than she does in the book, but I thought it was about the same. At the end when they are reunited was my favorite part, because of the fight scene between Edward and the Volturi! It was pretty intense. I didn't really like the abrupt ending, but it was highly dramatic (as per the usual with this series.) Bottom line, if you're a fan of the series or at least liked the first movie, you'll like this one.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hilarious - "Frank Caliendo Special"

This isn't technically a movie, but it's a DVD you can rent and it's HILARIOUS. This guy is the best I've ever seen at impressions, especially George Bush, Bill Clinton, and John Madden. He manages to impersonate them, without an overall agenda of "I hate George Bush" or "I hate Bill Clinton," which I appreciated. He's just up there to make people laugh, not convince them of anything political. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt at his Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro, and even the people I wasn't too familiar with was still hilarious! He also used hardly any bad language, which I always appreciate from a comedian. Check it out (or watch some of his stuff on youtube - search Frank Caliendo) for a good laugh!

Awesome - "Vantage Point"

My cousin Josh and I watched this on his fancy new PS3 Netflix deal that streams movies - it's awesome! Anyway - this is an exciting movie! It starts out setting the scene from a reporter's point of view, and when the President gets shot, of course things get crazy! Then just when you think they're about to give you some a big clue about who did it, they switch to a different "vantage point." It keeps doing this through all the perspectives, which keeps it exciting all the way to the end. It doesn't drag on about anything, it's very fast paced and is only like an hour and a half long. With next to no bad language, I'd say this is a thriller most people would enjoy. It is a little violent at times, but nothing too bad.

Pretty silly - "Year One"

It's pretty silly, but I like that from time to time. Don't expect much plot, it kind of bounces around leaving you confused about what are they doing now? But through all the confusion there's some funny stuff. Jack Black was really funny, I think he's pretty brilliant when it comes to comedic timing (not that he had much to work with here.) Michael Cera is also funny at times as the quirky and witty nerd who's along for the ride. Lots of the funny parts are in the trailer, but many of them made me laugh again, especially the scene with the "I don't have a sword, just the holder" (hah!) I think if you don't expect too much, you'll be entertained. It won't change your life or anything, but it has it's moments.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not really for kids - "A Christmas Carol"

This is Disney, and animated, and therefore seems like it would be for kids. In my opinion, this movie is WAY too scary for kids. Waaayyyy too scary. The stuff with the ghosts was pretty creepy, and there were several jump out and scare you moments that even made me jump! The 3 ghosts were all weird, the ghost of Christmas past was a candle that talked...??? Why? And then the ghost of Christmas present was a big man with a loud booming voice that kind of looked like Santa Claus but then spoke about religious men and how they have failed him...??? Why? The only one that made sense was the ghost of Christmases to come, because he was a shadow that looked like the Grim Reaper. Jim Carrey as Ebenezer Scrooge was pretty wasteful because he didn't talk much (just alot of "Bah Humbug"'s and "Blast!"'s) and therefore you didn't get to see that crazy Jim Carrey that runs around making silly faces and saying funny things. Overall, I'd say it was okay... nothing to write home about. Don't take any kids unless you think they can handle ghosts, you've been warned!

Hated it - "The Men Who Stare at Goats"

I did NOT understand this movie. I pride myself on understanding the point that most movies are trying to make... but I never figured it out with this one. There are a few funny/silly parts, but you've already seen them because they're in the trailer. Other than that, I couldn't figure out if they were criticizing our military, or being sarcastic, or just being ridiculous, or what. I totally didn't get it and couldn't wait for it to end. Jason hated it also. Maybe it was just way too far over my head, and I'm willing to accept that. But for the average movie-goer, like myself, I'd say PASS on this one. Not worth the 2 hours or $10 to see it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Good Thriller - "Law Abiding Citizen"

I'm not really one to jump at the chance to see one of these "thrillers." To me, it's usually the same old, same old catch the bad guy yadda yadda yadda as usual. However, this movie is different. You can really sympathize with the "bad guy" and his grief, yet you want him to be stopped at the same time. Gerard Butler is pretty creepy as the grieving, murderous Dad and Jamie Foxx is SORTA believable as the Prosecutor who failed to get one of the attackers on death row. It's quite exciting all the way to the end, and you'll find yourself wondering "how is he doing all this?!?" Overall, it's a good thriller that definitely entertained me for 2 hours.