Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Movies!

5 whole days off in a row allowed me to catch up on the Netflix movies I had at home. With 2 of them, I had company to watch it with, which hardly ever happens!

"Man On Wire"

This movie actually won the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2008. I had never even heard of this story - a tight rope walker named Philippe Petit rigged a wire between the World Trade Center Towers in 1974 and walked back and forth across it for 45 minutes before being arrested. This documentary is all about how he and several of his friends planned the whole thing. It was of course very detailed and took like 6 years to plan. The entire movie was very interesting. And even though you know how the story ends (he did it and lived) you will still feel anxious and scared for him while watching it. Uncle John watched it after me and said he enjoyed it as well.

"Ghosts of Girlfriends Past"

Mom and I watched this together one evening, and it's just okay. It was pretty much exactly what I expected from Matthew McConaughey - his character is basically the same as in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." It did have some funny parts that made me laugh, and it was kinda cute at times. But, it was nothing to write home about. The plot is sloppy and quite ridiculous at times, but what else do we expect from these romantic comedies? Anyway, overall I'd say it was a semi-cute, semi-romantic, comedy that you might enjoy, but won't change your life or anything.

"The Ugly Truth"

Now this "romantic comedy" was NOT what I was expecting. This movie also had a few cute parts, but the bulk of it was about sex, sex, sex. It seems like that's all they talked about - even the girls. There were several parts of the movie where I thought "I can't believe they just said/did that." I didn't realize it's rated R, and after watching it I know why! There's no nudity or major sex scenes or anything like that, but they're just constantly talking about it! I actually like Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler and was looking forward to watching this movie, but it was a disappointment. And besides all the sex talk, the plot was messy and moved too fast. I'd say skip this one.

"I Am Legend"

I know, I know, this movie has been out on DVD forever and why haven't I (the movie queen with her own movie blog) seen it yet? The answer is I don't know. Sometimes with these big budget action movies I'm just not interested enough to ever watch it unless somebody else wants me to see it with them. I happened to watch this one because Kelsey had to write a paper about the differences between the book and the movie. I'll say that I enjoyed it, mostly because it was unlike any movie I'd ever seen (what with only 1 human living in New York City) but it was really confusing at times. I kept asking Kelsey things like "so what happened to make everybody die? and "who are those mean guys?" because it's unclear for a long time. But it was interesting and moving - I definitely got teary eyed in a few parts (the dog!!!!!) I wasn't crazy about the ending because it left alot of things unanswered, but I'm sure the book would explain alot of it. There's no sex or language, but there are some very scary parts. Overall, pretty interesting!