Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Hurt Locker

This movie was awesome - it's another one that makes you feel everything the characters are feeling. The fact that it's about a war that is still currently going on makes it even more personal. It's VERY intense. As the movie goes on, they show you how many days they have left before they go home, which ups the intensity even more. I really liked the cinematography - it's very gritty and raw and therefore seems real. Who knows if how the movie looks is close to what it really looks like, but it seemed pretty believable to me. Besides dismantling the bombs, you also get a little of the struggle that comes along with being a soldier, like being so scared they start going a tad crazy, and feeling like they're coming home a totally different person. I can't imagine what that must be like, and this movie gives you a heaping dose of that reality. It's pretty violent and gory in a few parts, but if you can handle that I'd say - CHECK IT OUT.

Up In The Air

This has been up for a bunch of awards lately, so I was dying to check it out. It's a very simple story and everything is under-stated and REAL. George Clooney is about to be removed from his life of endless travel because of soon-to-be-implemented online procedures, and he's none too happy about it. After complaining about all this, his boss sends him out with the new rookie to show her the ropes before they start up the new online system of firing people (which he uses as an opportunity to show her how the new system won't work). On the way he meets and falls in love with another constant traveler, which only manages to change his life even more. Throughout the movie, you feel the transition he goes through as though it's happening to you, when he's devastated, embarrassed, or ridiculously happy you feel it too (which is one quality in movies that is extremely hard to accomplish, in my opinion.) I liked it and would recommend it - check it out!

Monday, January 11, 2010

(500) Days of Summer

I saw this movie several months ago in theaters, but since it just came out on DVD I'm inspired to post it on here. I loooooooooooved this movie! The title literally means the 500 days of their relationship, and they bounce around between good times and bad. Like on day 200 they had a great day, laughing and enjoying each other, and on day 245 they almost broke up. I thought this movie perfectly presented how an actual relationship might go. We all know relationships aren't always perfect, and this movie represents that well. This is not your typical love story, and because of that it was refreshing and beautiful. I remember several parts that made me laugh, parts that made me feel lovey-dovey and parts that reminded me of past break-ups of my own. I need to buy it on DVD cause I can't wait to watch it again. So overall, I'd say CHECK IT OUT - it's great!


Just like the trailer, this movie is pretty hard to watch. But it's intriguing and moving, because I'm sure people are living in this kind of situation right now. "Precious" is 16 years old, pregnant with her 2nd child (both from her father), she can barely read and suffers physical and emotional abuse from her own mother. By the end, she has moved on from alot of these situations and is turning her life around. But I didn't leave the theater with a sense of hope for her, and I won't tell you the reasons why, because I want you to be as shocked as I was when you see it. The acting was fantastic, I'd say they all deserve an award. Even Mariah Carey was believable and didn't come across as one of those I'm-a-singer-but-I-want-to-try-acting people. I'd say check this one out, but be prepared for a tough story, and don't forget your Kleenex.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Avatar 3D

This isn't exactly my kind of movie, but I wanted to see it because of all the hype. I usually enjoy these action movies with tons of special effects, they're just not always my first choice. Mostly because they're all too similar. Avatar on the other hand is unlike any action movie I've ever seen. The special effects ARE amazing. Everything looks so real. And the story was good enough to make me curious how it would end. Negatives - the acting was TERRIBLE. I'd say the actors didn't have alot to work with though, because how do you deliver a cheesy line? It was so bad I almost laughed a few times. The length - it was WAAAY too long. They could have easily cut out 30 minutes, if not 45. I did see it late at night so I was getting tired, but I don't think it made that much difference, I was ready for it to just be OVER. Overall, it's semi-interesting and visually stunning. I'd say check it out - if only for the special effects!

Christmas Break Movies!

"Sherlock Holmes"

Good movie! I wasn't quite sure what to expect, because the preview looks a little nuts. But overall it was enjoyable and interesting. It had a good classic solve-the-mystery feel which was refreshing. The relationship between Sherlock and Watson was funny and endearing. Rachel McAdams was surprisingly good as Sherlock's love, despite mine (and everyone's) view of her as sweet Allie from The Notebook, she pulled of a con artist pretty good. I kept thinking throughout the movie "Madonna's ex (Guy Ritchie) makes one good movie!," because he incorporated alot of little tidbits that were enjoyable and again, refreshing. The music was one of my favorite parts. The story had to do with a "black magic" mystery which I wasn't exactly expecting, but it turned out interesting and ended well. I'd say - Check it out!!

"All About Steve"

Who doesn't love Sandra Bullock? Because my whole family does, somebody received this on DVD for Christmas. I'm not quite sure what to say... this is not your typical Sandra Bullock movie. It has a WEIRD story - she loves words and therefore makes the Crossword Puzzle for her local paper, meets Bradley Cooper, falls madly in love, then follows him across the country. Despite all the craziness of the story, I'd say it has a pretty good message to stay true to yourself. But other than that, it was just way too silly. Because the story is so ridiculous, it's pretty shocking to me that Sandra was a producer. Why?!?!? She must have really liked the script, but I couldn't tell you why. Anyway, it's cute at times, but pretty dumb overall. Sorry Sandra, I'd say PASS.

"The Hangover"

I saw this movie in theaters, but that was before my blog. So I watched it again with my brother over Christmas break. This movie is VERY funny! It's rated R for mostly just language, until the very end where they show the pictures from their crazy night, then it definitely has rated R behavior. I don't agree with all the hype of "it's the funniest movie EVER!" but it is really funny. Ed Helms (Andy from The Office) is GREAT, and Bradley Cooper is DREAMY (in looks only). I'd say check it out if you can handle the language (it's definitely not for the younsters.)