Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Seriously cute and seriously funny. Finally - a decent romantic comedy! I'd def CHECK IT OUT!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Week With Marilyn

Loved loved loved it. It's a true story - and a simple one at that, made not quite so simple with the inclusion of a week with Marilyn Monroe. Michelle Williams was absolutely stunning as Marilyn, and the rest of the cast was brilliant in their own way as well. I feel like I got an insider's peek into Marilyn Monroe's head and heart, she was so beautiful yet so sad. Everyone was using her for something. It really showed how wonderfully intoxicating she could be one moment, then utterly depressed the next. And I thought it was a fascinating look at not only Marilyn, but also at the society and their feelings about her. Women were jealous, men were intrigued (in more ways than one!) and even those close to her expected things out of her she couldn't necessarily give. It was a beautiful movie that leaves you wanting more. CHECK IT OUT! And give Michelle Williams an Academy Award!

One Day

Bawled my ever-lovin' eyes out at the end. Seriously. Consider yourself warned. However, despite the sad ending, I really enjoyed this film. It was cool to see how this couple's relationship changed over the years, always showing their status on July 15 of each year. Sometimes they were together, sometimes they weren't. It ended up being a SUPER sweet love story that moved me to tears at the end, which is rare (although it seems to be happening more often these days, hmmmm...) Initially I was worried that Anne Hathaway's fake accent would bother me, but I think she actually pulled it off quite well. I totally loved this film - so CHECK IT OUT!!

New Year's Eve

This is the follow up to "Valentine's Day" released a few years ago - and it is basically the same concept. Lots of little stories that kinda connect with each other to tell about one night of the year. And LOTS of famous actors. Some of the stories are sad, some are sweet, and some are kinda stupid. I tend to like movies with inter-weaving stories like this though, and I definitely enjoyed this one so CHECK IT OUT!

Sherlock Holmes 2: Game of Shadows

Really fun! It has the same vibe of the first one, jumping around alot between crazy Sherlock Holmes stunts and disguises. I don't remember this from the first one, but my favorite part was the slow-motion action sequences (kinda like 300). I appreciate that so much because I feel like I miss alot in action scenes in other movies because it moves so fast. They also highlighted the fact that Sherlock ran through every scenario in his head before making any move, which was also visually cool. I definitely enjoyed it, and even though I got confused a few times, I would recommend it. It's visually stunning and Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are fantastic - so CHECK IT OUT!

Martha Marcy Mae Marlene

Saw this as part of my 2012 Austin Film Festival experience! (In fact, this was the only movie I made it to this year - boo.) This movie is fantastic. I found it totally mesmerizing and really interesting. Elizabeth Olsen (yes, from THAT Olsen family) was absolutely stunning as the girl trying to escape a cult. I can't believe this is her first big movie - I seriously wouldn't be surprised if she was nominated for an Academy Award. The whole movie is very under-stated, and is always transfering between memories of the cult and her current life at her sister's home. It was dizzying in a mesmerizing kinda way. Beautiful movie. CHECK IT OUT!

Footloose (2011)

Totally a blast! It's the exact same story as the original, so of course it has a few cheesy moments. But, as in the original, it's really fun and makes you want to get up and dance! I totally loved it and will probably buy it on DVD - so CHECK IT OUT!