Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Change Up

Waaaaaaaay too raunchy!  I thought this looked cute and funny - but it ended up being pretty gross and not even that funny at all.  It was like they tried really hard to have lots of gross-out humor, and while it was gross it was definitely not that funny.  Overall, I was disappointed and found it to be a jumbled mess of yucky and stupid.  I'd say - PASS!

Friends With Benefits

Not gonna lie - this is one was VERY raunchy.  Lots of language and LOTS of sex.  But the story was kinda cute at times and I found it to be refreshingly real.  The 2 main characters seemed like real people with their own issues, not overly perfect and annoying like lots of movie characters can be.  And it was funny too!  I definitely laughed out loud lots of times - especially at Justin Timberlake.  He's really funny and I like it that he doesn't mind making fun of himself.  Mila Kunis wasn't bad either - they both carried the movie really well.  Overall, if you like movies like this I'd say CHECK IT OUT!  If you're not into raunchy, then definitely pass.

The Lincoln Lawyer

Not great, but not terrible either.  I had heard good things about this one, and I'll admit there were a few aspects to the story that I wasn't expecting, but I found it to be just okay.  I didn't really like the way it ended, and it was a little over-dramatic and cheesy at times.  (But when is Matthew McConaughey not over-dramatic and cheesy? haha)  Overall, I'd say it's BEARABLE. 


I didn't really have high expectations for this one - because Christina Aguilera is annoying and difficult to see as an actress, and Cher is a little over-rated if you ask me.  But overall, I actually enjoyed it!  The dance scenes were really fun and quite elaborate, and Christina and Cher didn't bother me toooo bad.  It's not great, but it was entertaining so I'd say CHECK IT OUT!

Red Riding Hood

I was really interested when I first saw the trailer... and pretty disappointed after watching it.  Not very exciting, not very romantic, and not very interesting.  I'd say - PASS.


Nothing special.  I thought it had kind of a cool concept, but overall it seemed boring and predictable.  I'd say PASS.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Help

LOVED it!  Reminded me of "Steel Magnolias" in a way - it's centered around a group of Southern women and the relationships among them.  I laughed, I cried (twice), and I cheered all the way through the end for equality among these women.  This is seriously a MUST-SEE for all women, and although I would classify it as a chick-flick, I think men would definitely like it too - it's funny!!  So CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!